Weather Station Not Reporting and Water Savins

I live 2.3 miles from the selected weather station. I have measured 4.3 inches of rain in the past two weeks in my rain gauge, yet my app shows no rainfall. The weather station is at Wiley Post Airport and I am certain they record rainfall at this station. Rachio definitely skipped watering when these rain events occured. Is there something I need to do to show rainfall? Also, I don’t have any water savings showing up. How do I get the water savings to register?

If you are using flex daily unfortunately we haven’t built a calculation to show water savings yet. We have a few ideas which are all fairly complex to implement. Any ideas regarding this appreciated!

Regarding the weather station, you can view precipitation on the soil moisture graphs (details) assuming you are using flex daily. If it is not showing up we will need screenshots of the missing data and a screenshot of the weather station reporting the precipitation so we can provide the data to our weather provider.

If not flex daily we would perform rain skips which show the precipitation information in your activity feed. If this is incorrect we will need a screenshot of that and weather station reporting to provide to our weather service provider.

Hope this helps.