Weather station in canada

How well does the local weather work in Canada? I understand that the 3rd gen has a very accurate local weather connection
Is this something most people use ?
Has anyone verified if it works as good in Canada ?

Gen 3 has the weather intelligence plus feature which leverages all the stations available at Weather Underground. If you find a station by your house it will be available in our app.


I live in East York, Ontario, and use a PWS less than 1 km away. It is stable, and uses good quality hardware. It has been accurate for the short time I have had my Rachio 3.


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Awesome, good to know it works here

Is it better to set it for
A single station that is 150m from my home literally around the corner
Or set it to the recommended:
Weather network, Aggragated data from 300 000 plus weather stations ?

If you like what you see with rain gage readings from that 150m away weather station, and you deem it reliable, it is likely the best bet. You’re more likely to catch the super localized thunderstorm precipitation (if it isn’t one of those lame dry thunderstorms). I guess it depends on the resolution of the Intelligence+ raster/grid if that same storm would have diminished precipitation at your location (and assuming that station is included in the interpolated product).

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