Weather Station History/ Change Notifications

Can you add Weather Station History to the app? Also, a push notification or email when a Station change occurs?
Right now we have no way to see a historical listings of what Weather Stations we’ve used and no notification when one changes to another.

Hey @garyjnj1-

Do you have your device shared and the person it’s shared with is changing the station?

Hi McKenzie, I am the only user. I have the app installed on my iPad and Android. Not sure when it decided to change again bit i only noticed it yezterday being that the station in use now is about 8 miles away.

Would be nice to receive that notification. Also to have a nice fat green rain drop floating above or a green halo around the stations on the map that are actively reporting precipitation. Turn it red and put a ghost buster symbol on the ones that aren’t actively reporting.

@garyjnj1 Thank you for that- I did not think of the scenario in which the station switches because your selected station stops reporting. Do you know what happened to your previous station?

Not 100% sure but perhaps it stopped reporting? I see it there and clicked on it to see the detail but couldnt tell what tbe problem may h@ve been. What decision tree logic, criteria or conditions does Rachio require in order to decide on a switch?

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