Weather Station Data diff than app

I’m using my own weather station. Tonight I checked because I have temps going near zero and wanted to see if freeze skip would activate. Then I saw on app a low of 5. My weather station (which it’s hooked its up to) and local weather service show 0 or 1 Celsius. Why isn’t it showing the same?

To my knowledge, you cannot hook up a weather station direct to a Rachio controller. You can /link/ a Weather Underground weather station to the Rachio via the Internet. But even when you do, the only information Rachio uses from that particular controller is the Rainfall. Weather is still obtained from an average of weather stations in the area.


Rachio does not have a real time access to your weather data (cost prohibitive), instead the weather data is checked daily & about an hour prior to any scheduled runtime. If the data indicates a skip, it will be skipped at that time and updated on the website.


Oh that makes sense. So it’s still taking my rainfall but I should monitor for freezing temperatures because the optimistic forecast it uses was way off. If you’re remote like me seems a little off. Thanks for the answers!