Weather skips

Where does weather skip get it’s data? I’m in Lakeway, TX, had my first skip today in 3 months. We’ve had .2" of rain in 3 months, 55 100 degree days, and no rain yesterday or today. What’s with the skip? What’s with seasonal change recently (dropping duration)? Weather station is 1.75 miles away… I guess it rained there and is 20 degrees cooler? Weather “intelligence”?

1 accidental skip in 3 months doesn’t sound like a big problem to me. Not even your local weather man can claim that kind of accuracy. :slight_smile:

I agree, but it’s the only skip I’ve had, and with all the heat, it’s reduced duration twice in 3 months because of “seasonal” changes. Not seeing all the 100 degree days is much “dumber” than one accident skip.

I use a weather app named Dark Sky. It is supposed to provide highly localized weather. The past few weeks it has been telling me it is raining outside when there is no rain. (San Antonio, TX). The TV weatherman has been talking about rain that is evaporating before ever hitting the ground. You may be receiving data about rain that is evaporating, and this may be what triggered your rain skip. Mine hasn’t been triggered, but I have it set at 0.75 inch.