Weather skips. Say rained but it didnt

I have my rachio 3 set to weather intelligence plus and have been getting rain skips. Hasn’t rained a bit and it’s been 80degrees out. Why and how come the weather intelligence plus is so incorrect?

Location is correct for the Rachio 3.


My recommendation to get the most accurate weather is to go into Weather Intelligence Plus and choose a station near your residence. For some areas of the country interpolated data works, but in my opinion if you can find a good PWS near your house its worth its weight in gold in regards to accurate weather intelligence. It looks like you have a quiet a few PWS around your area.Thoughts?


Screenshot from 2018-05-22 20-52-42_censored

Yes. This is the way I initially had the R3 set up. Changed it a couple days ago to see what the Weather Intelligence feature would do for me, guess I’m my area PWS are the way to go. I actually have a PWS that’s been offline that I plan on using soon.

Thanks for the input

Being in the weeds so to speak, I just haven’t seen anything more accurate than a close, boots on the ground, PWS.