Weather setup questions

  1. I’m just about to purchase a Rachio 3, but need some clarification about the Flex schedules. I have my own PWS feeding Wx Underground. I believe there is supposed to be a way to set that as my weather source. If I do that, does it still check out other sources (PWS, NOAA, etc.) in addition or just use mine? We’re in a micro-clime next to a 70’ hill and I find that rain seems to ignore us sometimes. In all the setups I’ve watched on YouTube I haven’t been able to find one that specifically sets a PWS.

  2. Why would I choose monthly Flex over daily? Wouldn’t daily be more accurate? I’m in a wooded area of CT.

  1. If you point Rachio to yours, that is the PWS it pulls information from…nowhere else.

  2. I don’t know…I wouldn’t. Flex Daily is a much more advanced water schedule, and with that comes a more advanced setup to make sure that you have settings dialed in. That is where Flex Daily gets a bad wrap. People want it to be the most advanced, smart, all-knowing schedule (which it is), but don’t want to put in any setup effort to do so. IMHO of course…


@tmcgahey Great info, thanks. I’m assuming that if I use my PWS for current, it will use the world for prediction.

If it checks one hour before watering and it starts raining after that check I also assume that it does water?

Too many assumptions…

Yes. I’m not certain what system Rachio is using for forcasting, but it’s different than the PWS.

You are also correct that with the PWS, if it starts raining after the check, the system won’t stop running.

yes, I learned that from you and agree. After I went through that process to set up Flex daily, all works GREAT.

What Make and Model of WS are you using?

From my understanding GEN3 with WI you need to transmit your water logic on the network , then select your PWS in Rachio.

Not being familiar with the data results of a Haptic Sensor reporting versus a Wireless or wired Disc sensor, you may want to install a dedicated disc or cup rain sensor to your Rachio as I have done in certain field situations, especially in large Zone applications where scheduled runs were not interrupted by prediction or reporting.

This is always a peeve, when a “Smart Controller” is watering during a rain event where the thresholds have been met, but the reporting on a PWS has not or is in errors, and delay picking up data.

If your looking to purchase a Gen 3, without hesitation I would consider purchasing the PRO Model for several reasons, along with that its the latest and greatest unit in technology with a 4year warranty.

I’m using the Peet Brothers Ultimeter 2100 and a tipping rain gauge which feeds Weather Underground. Too late for the Pro, my Rachio 3 comes on Friday. I do check my results with another PWS on my street and we seem to be close, given some “microclime” conditions we have here at the bottom of a 70’ hill!