Weather not updating

Hi All,

I have a Rachio 3 with Weather Intelligence on… set for aggregating data.

It was and is forecasted to rain this afternoon… past my threshold. But rachio still shows sunny today… so it thought a good idea to run the sprinkler. It was forecasted to rain last night before I went to bed. So when Rachio checked an hour before… it should have skipped.

Where does it get its forecast from? WeatherUnderground? Can we force a forecast refresh? Can we see why it did not skip?

So far I am not impressed and this sprinkler controller seems less intelligent. I don’t trust it.

I’d suggest having Rachio pull weather from an individual weather station close to you (that has precipitation data). Aggregating sounds nice but could be it only rains in your particular area with a given storm so most stations have 0 except near you then averages down to nothing. There’s about 10 stations with 5 miles of my property, with every storm that’s come through they are all very different precipitation amounts. I use the closest weather station to me instead of aggregating, at least until I decide to buy my own.

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Rachio gets it’s weather forecasts from Aeris.

Agree - using a PWS close to you that records precipitation will be better than aggregated data for knowing how much rain you actually received at your location.

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