Weather Network says not skipped, yet Rachio did not run

Purchased Rachio3 4 days ago, trying to get first schedule run going. It was supposed to run this morning at 3:31am, and showed it as not skipped, yet, it did not run. In another thread I saw something about Rain Sensor conflict, not sure why if it is supported, so have now disabled it, and it is scheduled to run tomorrow same time. Not sure it will run this time, will find out, but the weather report looks wrong, we haven’t had any rain here in months, yet it shows what I attached in photos, and it is not aligned with what I see reported by The Weather Channel app on my phone. For this latest schedule I have also switched to a weather station about 0.79mi away. Any help debugging this?

Flex-Monthly-All Weather
Intelligence Update
3:31 AM
Flex-Monthly-All was not skipped
because the PLUS weather network
0.00 in of predicted and 0.00 in
observed precipitation
4 mph winds
77°F temp

Is there some reason that your screenshot seems to indicate that you’re watering? Do you have a Quick Run active? Paused?

Yes I had initiated a manual run…

Btw, once I turned of sensor accessary, it watered.

But why the weather info so off…

What kind of accessory is/was connected? An old rain detector from your previous controller? While you’re tuning up your new Rachio install, disable and disconnect any such rain “sensor” accessory… many are just hard-stop switches that disable Rachio if they’re “wet”, and “wet” can be a permanent condition for some!

Not all PWS (Private Weather Stations) provide complete current (or reliable) weather status. If you’ve set up your controller’s Weather Source as Weather Network or selected a nearby weather station that’s misbehaving, try selecting another Weather Station. You can investigate local PWS’s at Weather Underground or in the Wunderground app. If you’re far from a good station, Weather Network might be the best bet. The Weather Channel around here seems to key on the airports.

Yes that was a Rain sensor from Rainbird (previous controller) I have disabled it now.

The weather information from stations available to me are in attached.

KTXRICHM472, Aliana, Richmond, TX appears to be reporting. Almost no rain forecast. You should see Rachio at work pretty soon.