Weather Network Plus Shows Wrong Location

My station is showing my location as being in China rather than here in San Diego? How do I fix that?

At least from my Android app, tap “MORE” on bottom bar, “CONTROLLER SETTINGS”, “Location”. Is the information incorrect here? This page will allow you to change address.

Thanks for this. Yes, the address is correct. I got on chat with Rachio and the tech said it appeared to be a "bug. She fixed it on her end. Was crazy. The location on the map was in a rural area of China.

Wow, that sounds crazy. All the information was correct in the app other than the location.

Yes, as far as I can tell. The fix was done by Rachio tech assist and now shows the correct location on the map. What I don’t know is whether it was using weather data for the written address or for the map location.

Oh yeah, good point. With your subject of “Weather Network Plus Shows Wrong Location”, it sure sounds like it was using the lat/lon shown in the map for the weather. I do wonder it you edited to somewhere like downtown where you live if it would go to the right location and then what happens when you go back to your home. Not matter what, I am glad you have it resolved.

While you are there, enjoy China.