Weather Intelligence works in reverse - Southern Hemisphere

Just received a message that WI is changing and seasonal shift is changing schedule. Only thig is it talks about “as the months get hotter”, well they’re getting colder now here in Australia.

Is WI configured for the northern hemisphere no matter where in the world you are?

I’ve had the Rachio 3 since January this year. The schedules haven’t changed at all in 3 months. Zones are set up for seasonal shift and some are set up for flex monthly. Neither schedule has change in 3 months.

Two emails this morning:

Front Lawn - WI on Rachio-BCC07E adjusted.

Seasonal Shift automatically adjusts your schedule durations to offset seasonal weather changes.

In March, this schedule ran for 20 minutes. In April, this schedule will run for 20 minutes.

Back Lawn on Rachio-BCC07E adjusted.

The season is changing - Flex Monthly has you covered!

Every month, Rachio’s [Flex Monthly] schedules automatically adjust your watering intervals and durations to offset seasonal weather changes. Rachio gives your yard more water during the summer, and less as summer ends.

In March, this schedule ran every 3 days. In April, this schedule will run every 3 days using the same 20 minutes per watering as last month.

This hasn’t changed since I installed the Rachio 3.

Rachio’s Flex Monthly uses the average, historic weather for the month, so it /should/ automatically increase watering in summer, and decrease in winter. I can see where the emails might have standard wording about summer that my not coincide with summer in the Southern hemisphere, but would hope the actual settings would be correct.

But I also would have thought that there would be a change in the values for the last three months (equivalent to August-September in the U.S.), probably lowering the watering time or reducing frequency. Hopefully someone with more experience about this will comment.

Well I called Rachio support and was told that weather intelligence is only for the US and Canada. IT DOES NOT WORK IN AUSTRALIA or anywhere outside US and Canada. No plans to expand it either.

On the hunt now for a smart controller that works here.

Flex Daily and Fixed schedules without any seasonal adjustments should work fine, though. Assuming good weather stations are available. I personally never use Flex Monthly because it isn’t predictable enough and climatology almost never matches with real world watering needs.

The more I get into this the more frustrating it is. Thought I’d try Flex daily and the recommended watering times is 0 minutes. Water savings to the extreme!

Set schedules to Flex Daily, and it’s scheduled watering on days of expected rain!

Am I missing something?