Weather Intelligence with Gen2 Rachio

Hi, I have a Gen2 Rachio and it uses Weather Intelligence from PWSWeather. I also have a AcuRite Atlas PWS that ONLY uploads data to Weather Underground. I have created a sort of bridge that takes data from WU and then pushes this data to PWSWeather for hyperlocal weather info.

Figured others might find this useful if you are in the same situation as me where we are restricted to only WU for data.

It does take about a week for the PWS to be visible on the weather intelligence page, but once it is there you will be able to select your station. enjoy!

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Neat :slight_smile: Welcome to the club, I run similar setup on my server for those who do not wish to run their own bridge on their computer or a dedicated low power device.
Nice of you to provide a web UI to update the WU API key (as it expires ever 6 months), curious that you’ve not gone as far as implementing a WU scraper to update the key automatically.
Did your atlas really come only with WU connected display? Or is your data also available via myacurite? Personally I like to avoid WU when possible, even though myacurite does not provide wind gust data.

@Gene , Thank you for the welcome! I was thinking of a WU scraper at first, but figured this was the quick and dirty way to get weather data over and on a device that can basically live anywhere. OTA updates to the device if i needed to change code, and the API key for WU that changes every 6 months (stupid in my opinion). also since i am using a ESP01 (it only has 1mb flash memory) there was a memory constraint. eventually i might build a radio receiver that will get the data from the Acurite and then update PWS Weather without WU in the middle.
But so far this seems to be working and doing what i need.

Was searching for a pre-made device/code to do this, but some just went over board with code and was just way to much for my specific application. Could of put all this into a server, do a scrap of the 3 or 4 of the nearest stations, do a average and upload that to PWS Weather, but just didn’t want to dedicate that much time into this.

This was my original, now outdated code (link). Chose to go PHP route, as I could simply run it on a 24/7 website host I already pay for.
Latest code is heavily optimized for a multiuser execution, someday I plan to release a standalone versions and before that a public signup for a cloud version, but for now I simply register who ever asks for it on the forums, or via email.
Congrats on getting into the game after WU API has stabilized, I still have a sour taste for WU data after their transition to being owned by IBM, to say that their data was inconsistent and buggy, would be an understatement.
Also good choice of going with API authentication with pwsweather, their legacy password authentication is prone to false reporting as unauthorized.

@Gene> hmmm… nice! was thinking of that at one point! just to have a simple website run and gather data and then flip around and post it to somewhere else. But didn’t want to have a web server running 24/7 and actually just now it occured to me that i do have a Synology NAS up 24/7 with a website component and i could just have that run in the background. but oh well, have the ESP up and running, connected to a wall-wart and so far for the last few days of me not touching it it seems to be very stable.

Congrats on getting into the game after WU API has stabilized, I still have a sour taste for WU data after their transition to being owned by IBM, to say that their data was inconsistent and buggy, would be an understatement.

Oh i am all to familiar with WU’s unstable services… from their API to just a simple web cam image uploading. I currently am unable to upload any images to their FTP server. 2 out of the the three servers and non-functional. one connects and sends the image, but never gets posted to be able to see it. so i kinda have given up on it. Just hope they don’t mess up the API again.

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Would love to see a photo of your setup. What module did you end up using?

@Gene , here is a pic of what i made. Nothing special really… The module is a ESP01, Super cheap, can get these for about $1.50 each from Aliexpress… If i really wanted to make an ultra low power device that runs on solar, then i would go with ESP8285 and put the device into deep sleep that only uses 20uA and connect a Solar panel and some super capacitors 5.5V@1.5F that should be enough to run this for a while in deep sleep mode forever really.

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It does what it needs, definitely much better than forcing your computer to stay awake as some solutions out there require you do to. :+1:

Yeah, for sure… it’s a kinda set and forget… until the 6 months comes up and need to enter the new API key for WU. Could even code this to handle multiple PWS from WU, but since i only have one, no real need for it. Also nice thing about this is if i need to update the code, i can just do that OTA and not have to remove the ESP01 from wherever it is living (back of TV, behind the couch, etc…) to update it.