Weather intelligence: will schedule be skipped tomorrow if it rained above the threshold in weather intelligence?

I just installed the Rachio on Saturday and set up a flex monthly schedule. It has rained close to 1" today so far. Based on the schedule, the sprinklers are scheduled to turn on tomorrow. Will the Rachio utilize weather intelligence and skip the watering tomorrow?



Hi @anidutta-

Your controller will check the weather and decide whether to skip or not tomorrow morning an hour before it is scheduled to run. As long as your weather station is reporting accurately and you have enabled your rain skip on the schedule, it sounds like you are all set to skip! I linked a few articles above just in case you would like to double check your weather or your schedule settings :slight_smile:

McKynzee :rachio:

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I actually have a question about rain skip. I’m using flexible daily schedule and it doesn’t seem to offer weather intelligence settings. How can I adjust the rain threshold on rain skip for flex daily schedule?


The flex schedule will check the current available water before the run and elect to delay if the available water is above max depletion. The only only threshold on flex daily is the max depletion.


@Gene, all Weather Intelligence settings on enabled by default on Flex Daily schedules. You can see the data/calculations made for each zone by reviewing the moisture level graphs, see #7.

Hope this helps…not sure if you were already aware of this.