Weather Intelligence Upgrade for Gen 1 and Gen 2 Users

Hi folks,

I am excited to announce that we are offering a Weather :sun_behind_rain_cloud: Intelligence Plus Upgrade to all Gen 1 and Gen 2 users.

We’ve got a helpful support article (here) that will guide you through the process of upgrading. A special shout out to @Gene for helping out users on the Community connect their Weather Underground only stations to report to

With this update, all Gen 1 and Gen 2 users will have access to our Weather Intelligence Plus network that predicts incoming weather and precipitation for real-time weather monitoring in your immediate area. Users will also be able to choose a personal weather station that are available on Weather Underground.

We plan on switching all Gen 1 and Gen 2 users over to Weather Intelligence Plus by the end of the year. You can upgrade early by going to the More tab, select Controller Settings, and tap Upgrade Available.

Let us know if you have any questions!


Way to go Rachio (not that it affects me, but sure those users will be happy)!!!

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Netatmo devices can share data to Weather Underground using Meteoware Plus.

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Thanks @robnielsen I appreciate you calling that out! We’ve actually ordered a Netatmo station to create some documentation on this. We’ve got reports of issues users are having with Meteobridge. So, I will pursue Meteoware Plus as well.

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Congrats :cheers: Glad to hear that network support will be consolidated under one offering. No more “Gen 2 from Costco” exceptions. :wink:
FYI, my code supports Netatmo as input and Wunderground as output, its been a long time since it was exclusive to WU to PWS updates. Anyone with Netatmo, feel free to private message me (link) and I’ll help you out, similar to how I’ve done for others.


As always Gene, thank you for helping out the Rachio community. Better weather for all is a good thing!