Weather intelligence skips, but counter says zero (IOS)

Folks, new user here. Bought a Gen 3 on Black Friday last year and installed it, but being in New England didnt configure and turn it on until very recently. What a great intuitive setup and app. Kudos.

I entered all the necessary info about my zones and turned on “water as needed”. Controller says it is going to water tomorrow, on Monday, Tue, Wed… fair enough. However, it also said it is going to water this morning and yesterday morning. The weather was rainy so I assume it skipped. Again- fair enough. Unfortunately, my IOS app “weather intelligence skips” shows “zero”. I assume it should say at this point “2”. One point of interest - although setup 4 (or so) days ago, the controller has not watered yet. But skips are not showing either.

Thank you

Welcome to the community! If you’re using Flex Daily schedules, rain skips are not needed as Flex Daily monitors soil moisture and waters as needed. It’ll update its watering schedule sometime after midnight as it takes into account the previous day’s weather. Check out the soil moisture chart and table for insights. It’ll tell you if it did not water due to rain or if the rain wasn’t enough to fill the soil moisture bucket thus requiring watering. It may also tell you if your local weather station (if you selected one) or for WI+, the weather vendor, is correctly reporting precipitation.

Tap on the Yards button — it used to be Zones.

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