Weather Intelligence Skip Improvements needed

Currently any of the weather event items for skipping do not reschedule or adjust scheduling a water event. There is no option to schedule a one time watering of an existing schedule so there is no easy way to water after a skip event has taken place. I think the solution would be to schedule for the next day if there are no conflicts and allow the user to disable if not needed. My specific issue was with a wind skip. I would like it to run the next day without needing to create a customer schedule to run or to do a quick run.

Sadly it seems development and tweaks are done. They seem to be focusing on hose timer and stopped tweaking the Rachio
Last major tweak was over a year and half ago when they added some user friendly settings

What type of schedule are you running? The issue with blanketing an automatic reschedule is those in areas with watering restrictions could get fined if Rachio reschedules on a day they aren’t allowed to water. What seems obvious for you could cause someone else a hefty fine.

If you don’t have any watering restrictions, I’d highly recommend spending some time dialing your settings in and giving Flex Daily a shot. That is totally dynamic scheduling that will adjust on the fly. Might be the exact ticket for you!

I am running a fixed schedule. Flex might work, but it should just be an option to run a schedule once for a specific time. A run once would be similar to quick run. Just able to schedule it. Just an improvement that could work. I haven’t played with the flex yet.