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New to Rachio. It was a breeze to install the new Rachio 3 controller and it is working great. I have a question about the weather and the scheduling though. Looking here in the forum, I only find a thread like this about a year old, and it didn’t quite answer this question.

The schedule this week shows rain all week, so no runs are scheduled. This area is a coastal area and frequently has rain in the forecast, and then it doesn’t rain. Due to the harsh marine environment, the plants can’t go long without water in the summer. This is at a vacation home, so I can’t be there to monitor the health of the plants and do a manual run if needed.

Question: If it goes several days without rain in the area, will the system schedule a run even though rain is still in the forecast?

The system is currently not scheduled to run until the 9th, 7 days without watering. That will be too long if there is no rain.


Flex monthly will continue to skip runs if the forecast is greater than the precipitation threshold (which can be increased for less sensitivity).

I see a couple options:

  • Increase the sensitivity (i.e. go from 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch or something akin to that)
  • If this is a recurring pattern and don’t want to risk it disable weather intelligence for that schedule.
  • Try out a flex daily schedule will automatically adjust for forecast precipitation that didn’t materialize (it will typically run the next day, unless the next day was also deferred due to a bogus or otherwise forecast).

Here is more information on the topics:

Hope this helps.


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If it were me, I would definitely change to Flex Daily. The Flex Daily schedule will respond better to your situation than Flex Monthly.