Weather Intelligence PWS question

My PWS did not report 6 MPH winds in the last 24 hours. Where is the information in this notification coming from?

The only property your PWS is used for is rain accumulation. The rest is “Weather Intelligence”, which I believe is an average of area values. I’ve found it best to not use Wind Skip.

Thanks, I wasn’t aware of that. Seems like it would use all available properties of the individual PWS before averaging the others. I appreciate the reply!

I certainly agree that Wind speed should be taken from the local PWS, as well as rainfall, which is. I think that with temperature, humidity and such that are so critical to the amount of water applied it makes sense to average the area surrounding the house, or calculate it from them, because one small error could result in no water being applied.

I may be reading this wrong, but to me the notification says that schedule was not skipped, key part is “not”. Seems winds and temperature are just there for reference?

Right, it was not skipped. I have wind set at 10 MPH. I was just curious why it didn’t use my PWS wind numbers.

Personally, I don’t think wind skip is treated perfectly, no matter the data source. To me the wind should delay the schedule, not skip it all together. So, at the time a schedule should start, wind should be checked, and, if in excess, push the schedule back by an hour (up to a set limit of times) to see if conditions would go back to normal for optimal irrigation.

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