Weather Intelligence Plus vs Nearby PWS?

I’ve been reading posts here and I can’t seem to find any recent posts on this subject. I see that there is a PWS setup 0.08 miles from my house. I can see the station mounted on someone’s roof top pretty easily from my house. If I use that PWS as a reference for weather do I miss out on any of the WI+ features? Looking at the map I see that there are about 10 PWS within a 5 mile radius of my home.

In many cases more data is better, but for this application would the single PWS be a better source vs the weather network?


The PWS is only used for precipitation data.

So as long as the precipitation data is accurate, go ahead and use PWS? The rest of the data; forecasts, wind speed ie the data that informs schedule adjustments comes from the weather network? The net result should be the same? Or does the weather network include these nearby PWS to me in addition to the forecasting data?

In my case my question is, should I use the PWS or the Weather network knowing that this PWS is 0.08 miles from my home? What are the pros and cons for either?

For right now I am set to “Weather Network” making the assumption that all the nearby PWS are part of that calculation.

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Yes, yes and yes.

To the best of my knowledge, the PWS is ONLY used for precipitation amounts. From my own personal experience and from several posts I’ve seen on the forum, a working PWS (meaning that it appears to record the precipitation fairly accurately) is preferred over just using the weather network. The PWS is the best way to get the precipitation amounts local to you.

Thanks for the input. Going to go with the PWS in that case. I appreciate the help!