Weather Intelligence PLUS: Recommended Skip Settings?

Hey everyone,

Just installed Rachio 3 over the last week; just trying to get the settings dialed in.

Was wondering…for your Weather Intelligence PLUS Skip Settings (Rain, Wind, Temp), what do you set it at for optimum performance? I live in Oakland, CA (Zone 10a) for reference.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The default values aren’t bad for a start. The Wind setting is simply to prevent watering when the wind is high enough that you may be watering your neighbor’s lawn rather than yours (or will at least leave areas unwatered). The Freeze setting rarely comes into effect. For the Rain skip value, if you find that a small amount of rain prevents irrigation when it doesn’t need to, you can raise that a bit.

Other settings, like plant and soil settings as well as nozzle inches per hour are far more important, and should take up most of your fine-tuning.