Weather Intelligence Plus PWS Healthchecks coming soon!

Wanted to share a preview of a new feature coming soon to Weather Intelligence (WI) Plus.

WI Plus has two options when it comes to weather data.

  1. Use interpolated precipitation data
  2. Choose a closeby PWS Weather Underground station.

For customers that have chosen option #2 we are close to releasing a concept called PWS Healthchecks.


The first part of PWS “healthchecks” is that we will automatically email you if we identify a closer weather station come online then the current one you are using.

The second part of PWS “healthchecks” is that if we observe your chosen station offline for 3 consecutive days we will send an email and automatically change stations for you (the next closest online station)

Hopefully this continues to help our customers get the best, most accurate weather data.

Wrapping up testing and will release this feature soon.


That is a brilliant idea. As I live in Southern California, the weather can be different from one area to the next. It can literally rain 6 blocks away while the online data to the Unit may be picking up something from 20 blocks away.

At any rate, i still use an onsite rain sensor for pinpoint accuracy since some of the water districts around here will give fines for watering in or during 48 hours after a measurable rain.


@DLane likes to call the rain sensor belt and suspenders. I think they are a good idea to cancel ‘in progress’ waterings. At some point we will add a feature that continuously monitors in progress schedules for observed precipitation. We have the technology but it becomes a bigger burden on our system to monitor at that level.


I’m sure that your techs could come up with a wireless rain sensor for some of the unsecure individuals that feel that the extra redundancy would make them feel better.

I have all my trust in the unit. Some others out there are still skeptics. :slight_smile:

This Healthcheck will check if the current or another candidate PWS is reporting precipitation, temperature inside a certain threshold?

Maybe for the next revision. The source of truth for precipitation is problematic.


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This is really cool, fingers crossed those with older generation devices will get this!