Weather Intelligence not functioning

Since I installed my 2nd Gen system it has rained 3 times. The first time the system recognized that it was going to and did indeed rain and therefore skipped the fixed day watering session. The second and third time, although the weather station forecast rain it made no attempt to skip and actually watered on those rainy days. I have checked the Weather Intelligence settings and they are all on. Is there something that I am missing?

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@coumbec - which weather station is the Rachio configured to use?

Hi, It says Weather Station: No preferred Weather Station, however it knows my area and seems to display the weather accurately. That setting also hasn’t changed since installation.

@coumbec - what kind of schedule is running - Flex Daily, Flex Monthly or Fixed?

Fixed. Monday and Thursday.

@coumbec - I think there needs to be a specified weather station to base the weather intelligence off of. I’d recommend starting out with the closest NWS (National Weather Service) station and then once everything is working if you want to select a closer PWS (Personal Weather Station) then select that one. Be sure any PWS that is selected actually reports precipitation and temperature accurately

Great, ok I will give that a go. Thanks for helping DLane!

My system ran but for a shorter time after the last rain. The amount of rain we got wasn’t significant so I believe that’s why. Maybe your system ran because there wasn’t enough rain to saturate and properly water your areas? Also, you might want to look into changing the weather station to an area close to you that registers higher amounts of rain if that’s a concern and see how it works. It’s really nice to have that option.

I took DLane’s advice (thanks) and chose an official weather station. So we got significant rain on Sunday night…a LOT and yet the system still watered on Monday night. Any ideas?

@coumbec - Is Weather Intelligence set to On for the schedule that was running and under Weather Intelligence was Climate Skip and/or Rain Skip set to On?

I might open a ticket with and they can look at the settings and history to see what happened.

I’d also check to see how much rain was reported at that weather station.