Weather Intelligence looking back to last run cycle

I noticed this morning that my watering time was skipped based on the amount of rain received over the last 3 days (between last cycle). Never noticed that before. Is this part of the switch to flex cycles? It seems like a good idea to me.


Thanks for reaching out. We are reading the observed rainfall from the past 24 hours and the predicted rainfall for the next 24 hours, but in addition we are also taking ET data from the last time your Iro ran and looking into the next time your Iro will run as well and based of that available data we are skipping according to your threshold. So in this case you received enough rainfall recently to skip, meaning there was not enough lost to ET to warrant a watering.

Our new flex schedules will take this approach as well but more on a daily basis.

If you have anymore questions let us know.


no sir, BUT, consider that a little taste of what is to come with flexies. im not sure if flexies will look out into the future, BUT BUT BUT, they account for the past for sure…they even account for the times you run the zone to push fertilizer into the dirt, that is a lovely feature.

@plainsane, you’re correct on the historical look back. Looking ahead, we’ll forecast your watering frequency, but this can change daily. We’ll send you a notification 8 hours in advance letting you know if we’re going to run your schedule (within the allowed days you allow).

Hope this helps :smile:

Best, Emil