Weather Intelligence edit button gone?

I no longer can find the editing bar for weather intelligence on my app. Is it intended ?


If you tap on Weather Intelligence at the bottom of the schedule you can configure rain, climate, freeze, etc. Just tap on rain skip to adjust the threshold.

Thanks for the info but my app does ot even have that button anymore. Is it because I am using Flex ?


Yes, flex does not allow for those settings since it incorporates all those and more.


Hmmm, then in some respects Flex reduces the complexity and availability of setup parameters over WAN. Interesting, as I would still prefer the ability to tweak the rain skip threshold and freeze skip parameters.

I find that odd as well. Would be nice to customize it a bit s flex also

FLEX allows you to tweak MAD, which would have somewhat of the same effect as the rain skip threshold, as you would be saying how dry you want the soil to get before you water again.

I’m not sure how FLEX handles the freeze threshold.

I wanted to adjust my freeze threshold as well, but like others the Weather Intelligence edit button was no where to be found. I spent nearly 2 hours trying to figure this out before finally finding this thread. So my suggestion is this: if the Flex option disables this then at least place a notice to that effect where the button is normally found (where all the support articles show it to be).

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It seems that Weather Intelligence does not appear when you’re using an hourly (in my case, 6 hr) schedule. Is this expected behavior? I’m hoping not b/c my fixed schedule updated the zone times based upon a “seasonal shift”. However, when I go into the schedule, I’m unable to turn off the seasonal shift. If this is expected behavior, then perhaps another suggestion (similar to another reply) is to list the options but gray them out and don’t allow the user to update them. I can easily delete my schedule and recreate, but wanted to at least ask about the behavior… Thanks!

That feels like a defect. I’ll follow-up with the engineering team.


I worked with the engineering team on this. We are working on how to either suppress those or allow disabling that feature. Thanks for reporting this!


Thank you for looking into it! I’m grateful that there is such great product support and such a thriving community on here.

Just one quick note on this just for additional clarity - the seasonal shift did appear to adjust my watering schedule, so it wasn’t just a notification. Most of my zones were set to 5-6 minutes, with a total of 5 zones. After the seasonal shift, I believe they were all set to 10 minutes each (I have since changed them back to 5 minutes each). I’m currently trying to get the new seed to germinate/grow, so that’s why I’m using such a schedule.

Yes, it was discovered to also be adjusting the minutes. For the next month seasonal adjustment hourly schedules will not be impacted. Thanks again for reporting this!