Weather Intelligence and Canada


So 8 months ago I opened up a ticket for weather accuracy in Canada using Weather “intelligence” in Canada. It’s broken and tech support confirmed such. Told fix is in the work and to select 1 station.

8 months later… getting into the season again. I noticed it’s still broken. Emailed support. Was told to upgrade to version 2, I have no update button so they assume my controller already updated.

So 8 months later… I am still told to use a local weather station. As engineers “look for a fix to the issue with Canada”

So to understand… I paid good money and it does not really work with HK (let’s not touch that) and in a country YOU sell in… another core feature is not working.

So how do I get my money back? Or are you actually planning on fixing your product. If not you need to stop selling in countries where your core feature is not working

I do not like to sound or be harsh. But it’s frustrating as a paying customer. As a product manager I can say I would be fired for allowing a product this deficient ever being deployed.

Hi @Audiman

I’m sorry to hear about your frustrating experience. But, I want to let you know that we upgraded our Weather Intelligence infrastructure to support correct runtime calculations for Flex Daily and Flex Monthly users in all Canada as well as international users across the globe. We did not have any issues with precipitation data in Canada.

It looks like you have actually have had two issues:

  • Incorrect ET (evapotranspiration) reported by other users in Canada that impacted soil moisture tracking and initial calculated runtimes - you may have adjusted your runtimes manually and these runtimes work for you.

  • The weather widget on the home screen is consistently showing 17% chance of rain whenever there is rain forecasted as well as the days that rain is/is not forecasted is not accurate compared to other weather sources.

The first bullet point was a high priority for our Engineering Team and they have resolved this issue - accurate ET data is now available in almost every country. Again, we have never had widespread precipitation data issues in Canada.

It does not appear that our Support Team effectively communicated or clarified the issues that you are having. I will follow-up with the team on how they could have better handled your case. It seems like they conflated the two issues. NOTE: We have never had widespread issues with precipitation data in Canada. Reported precipitation data issues in Canada are localized to specific users in specific locations when such precipitation data issues occur where they are typically further isolated to specific dates/times - which is true for the United States as well.

In this case, it would be most helpful if you could please clarify if your current issue is only with incorrect forecasts or your Flex Daily schedule is running when it rains/right after it rains. It is also helpful if a specific date is provided (example: “my schedule ran on 05/08/22 after it rained on 05/07/22”)

After reading your interaction, it looks like our team was hung up on the report of incorrect forecasts and the consistent 17% chance of rain and did not press further to determine if actual and historical rain is currently incorrect. After reading through your current interaction with our team, I do not know if you are having current issues with the schedule runs. This is something we should have asked you. You reported the system ran while it rained back in July of last year - but this is not clear on the current interaction.

If you are having an issue with Flex Daily precipitation recordings with the Weather Intelligence Plus Network and it is watering when it rains then we want to submit a ticket to our weather service provider and you can choose a close personal weather station in the meantime.

To be clear, please let me know if you are having issues with DAILY and HISTORICAL precipitation. Forecasted precipitation may or may not be accurate to the actual precipitation that occurs on the day that is being forecasted, this can be true for some users in the US, Canada, and abroad - Flex Daily checks the recorded and historical precipitation right before the schedule runs and will correct any incorrect forecasts with the observed data and historical data - if your Flex Daily schedule is consistently running when it rains or right after it rains then we want to report this to our weather service provider. Please let me know if this is the case. I am also submitting feedback to our weather service provider reporting your case of inaccurate forecasts.

I am not able to replicate the issue where the chance of rain is always 17%. I logged into your controller on a test Android and iPhone device - while I can see several instances of 17% I also see 20%, 40%, and 60% on various days throughout the rest of the month.

Hi Dane… sent a few emails Friday and this morning.

Someone needs to look at my Rachio…