Weather Intellegence Plus is Screwed Up


Just installed the Gen 3 yesterday and set it to use WI+. We got close to an inch of rain last night as reported by NWS KJYR and a couple of PWS close to me. WI+ reports I only received .11". I thought, no big deal, I’ll switch back to KJYR and forgo the WI+. NWS KJYR isn’t even offered as a choice. In fact, no NWS stations are offered. What the heck? Where did they go?

I went ahead and set it to KNEYORK6 PWS which is the closest of all the PWS and then went and checked my zones for the correct precip. The precip is there but the totals are wrong. Checked on both Android and the web. It shows (for zone 1), .48" irrigation, .89" for precip and .07" for evapotranspiration. So .48 + .89 -.07=.42? That’s what the app shows! The total should be 1.29". Switching back to WI+ still gives bogus totals.


  1. Where did the the NWS stations go? Specifically KJYR.

  2. Why are the zone totals wrong.

  3. Why does WI+ show such a huge rainfall total discrepancy?

Also the android app freezes the first time I go into it. Annoying. Droid Turbo 2 running Nougat. App version 3.4 (11796).

I’ll attach some pics from my phone is a bit.



I can’t speak to the “missing” PWS you mention but I’m confused by both other points…

  1. You say WI+ says it received only 0.11 inches of rain, yet the screen shot you show indicates it received 0.89 inches of rain, similar to your comment, “we got close to an inch of rain last night.”

  2. your soil will NOT hold unlimited water. there is a limit to the capability of how much your soil type will hold to the depth you set (or was set by default) for the roots. this is why .48+.89-.07 can equal .42

I’m not sure why WI+ totals finally changed. They bounce back and forth.

If you notice, percentage is at 88 percent filled, so that’s not the answer. If it was at 110 percent, you’d be correct.


Here’s a better example. You can see that it’s not even close to saturation. It looks like it’s not adding the precip.

I may have figured part of the problem out! I just received an email stating that my old controller hadn’t connected since yesterday, but the schedules were still running! Still RUNNING? So I went in and deleted the old controller and BAM, my totals were all correct!!

@franz I still need to know where all the NWS stations went.

I’m thinking of asking for a job at Rachio… :wink: