Weather info not accurate

@mckynzee - Could you take a look into my controller database? The weather forecast data is not accurate when comparing it with Wunderground and, something is not right.

@fpuig I’m on it- I’ll keep you updated!

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@mckynzee - Any news with this issue?


I have one of our developers helping with this issue, regardless it’s looking like the icons showing on your app are not correctly reflecting the weather data you are receiving, so I would not trust those. I should have a better answer to you by the end of the day- I apologize for the delay!

@fpuig On our end it appears that we are receiving the correct weather data from your station, and something is just going wrong on the display on your app. Do you notice if you encounter the weather displaying incorrectly on both the mobile and web apps? Also, slightly unrelated, but what type of schedules are you running?

@mckynzee - The web and the app are showing the same values. I’m using Flexible Monthly schedule.

@mckynzee - There is something wrong with the PWS data, for testing I just switched to my same station but getting the data from CWOP and now the forecast is similar to the and wunderground. The question is why is this happening? Could you guys investigate? The source data for my CWOP and WPS is the same source.

@fpuig You have your PWS on two different services? I can contact PWS- it sounds like they are having issues reporting if CWOP, WUnderground, and are all consistent.

@mckynzee - Yes, my weather station report to PWS, Underground, CWOP etc… simultaneously. I’m still confusing here. Yesterday my controller reported 0.01in of rain but my PWS reported .16in. Where is the discrepancy? Could you check the raw data or is there a place where I can see it?