Weather incorrect

Anyone noticed that the weather is way off? Here is Rachio vs Accuweater…



Have you linked your Rachio to a local PWS (who’s data is sent to Weather Underground), or are you using the Weather Network option ?

Realistically, the weather from PWS’s will be the most accurate.

I was using the weather network, but I then connected to a PWS a few blocks from my house and seems to be WAY more accurate.

so choosing a pws is more accurate than the Weather Network option ??
seems most of the local ones differ from each other, is there a trick picking a better option ??

The Weather Network is using historical data in addition to other sources.

I certainly think that a local PWS, if quite close, will give the most accurate information to your Rachio

Is there a way to check the reliability of a PWS? I once saw a local PWS appeared to being going offline from 8pm to 8am, maybe some sort of Wi-Fi timer that shut the internet off. I basically didn’t catch this for weeks if not a month or two. I then switched to weather network and haven’t seen any issues, but have now switch back to that local pws since the connection appears to be resolved and has been steady.

There are 3 PWS stations VERY close to me. One of them goes offline frequently, so I never use that one.

I chose 1 of the remaining 2 nearby sensors by comparing the accuracy of temperature, precipitation, sunlight humidity, etc between them.

I also noticed that the Rachio weather forecast has been less accurate recently. I wish that they would use the National Weather Service forecast for each of our very specific areas. I find the National Weather Service forecast to be the most accurate weather forecast.

Can anyone confirm what I’m seeing here. Is there an issue with this weather station reporting data?

When comparing it to this other station in the area.

seeing the forecast temp for 55024, is way way wrong in the rachio, i have tried different stations, not sure what to choose.
8/1 for example shows 99 vs 82 from everything else. the later in that week was showing 110+ vs mid 80s… do I figure this will correct itself as it gets closer ?? 8/5 8/6 and 8/7 show 113f and 117f for 2 of the days… zero chance it would be anywhere remotely that high here in Minnesota
I have a few stations around my house, but how would I know the reliability, or accuracy of them ??
i did see you can use national stations, or personal stations. I have a national station a few miles away at an airport, or several personal a few blocks to miles away.

Personal Weather Station Dashboard | Weather Underground (33) or
Personal Weather Station Dashboard | Weather Underground (82) or
Personal Weather Station Dashboard | Weather Underground (36)
Minneapolis, Airlake Airport (KLVN) is the local national station less than 4 miles away.

any thoughts or ideas here would be great. thank you. thought the fancy Weather Intelligence Plus would have been the best choice.

Forecasts more than about 48-72 hours out have a lot of variability. The Rachio will compute its actual Daily Flex schedule for a particular day at around midnight of the day, when the forecasts are more certain and the previous day’s weather is 100% accurate.

I use Daily Flex and my lawn looks good, however, I don’t look at its schedule out beyond a couple of days because it’ll almost certainly change.

got ya, thank you.
any thought on the stations ??

I personally use one a few blocks away because our hyperlocal weather is odd. I think a lot depends on how well the owner maintains it. I don’t know the owner of the station I use, but they seem to maintain it well, because it’s always online and agrees closely with what I observe out my windows. That’s the key: pick one that’s closely agrees with what you observe yourself.

The ultimate accuracy is to get your own station, like the Tempest system that Rachio is offering now. If you can’t find a reliable and accurate nearby station, and you’re handy with DIY, that would be the most accurate hyperlocal weather you can possibly have.