Weather history

It would be a nice addition to the app to show what the weather actual ended up being for the day, especially rainfall totals. Using the flex daily and have it set to not water if .125 is obtained. The watering days move around but its hard to tell if that’s due to rainfall experienced or projected forecasts. It rained today a decent bit and id love to go into either they Yard tab or Calendar tab to see how much it rained today and how that effected the schedule (if at all). I know that a notification will pop if enough rain is pushing a water cycle but again, id like to know how much rain actually fell. Seems like all the stations that are used would have this info and be an easy implementation

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Agreed, @mckynzee can we get this on our list??


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I agree that this would be nice to have on the Yard or Calendar tab to make it easier to see. But this is already available in the Moisture Levels, More Details, if you are a Flex Daily schedule. I think it would be nice to see the precip you got, whether you are on Flex Daily or not at a central location in the app. (I left a flex daily test zone up on my Rachio all winter, specifically just to easily see that data – I could have gone out and viewed the data on my PWS provider, but it seemed simpler to just see it within Rachio).


Good to know, didn’t know you could see that info at all. Yea, i think it could be easier get to. Including month to date total etc