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What is the difference between using the default “Weather Network” that aggregates data from 300,000+ staions and other sources for hyperlocal weather and choosing an individual weather station? I had my new Rachio 3 set to the default for hyperlocal thinking that would obviously be best. Yet last night, to my great disappointment, it decided to change the watering plan while I slept and water even though we had 0.50 inches or more of rain just a few hours before it watered… Isn’t the hyperlocal forecast the reason for buying the more expensive Gen 3? Shouldn’t that be the best option?

I have today learned that there is a weather station literally across the street from me. It’s a new weather station they sent me an email about today. I guess that’s the better option?

Appreciate any advice.

This should typically be the best option in regards to not having to worry if a chosen station is not reporting (unless it is a station you are confident with.)

We are usually very accurate in this regard, especially with our forecasting.

I personally use a PWS (rather than Weather Intelligence Plus) since it is in my backyard and I know that the data is immediate (WI Plus has about a 2-4 hour lag since it is interpolated).

I did open a support ticket with our weather provider since you should have had much more reported precipitation in your area. Will let you know what they report back with.

If you do have a trusted station that looks to be reporting accurately I generally recommend that. If you don’t want to have to worry about stations being inaccurate, falling offline WI Plus is usually the best choice (although in this case apparently not).

Welcome to the community, thanks for being a customer, and will let you know what our weather provider reports back with.


Look forward to learning what you find. Very much appreciate the follow up. Easy to be a fan of responsive companies looking to fix issues. I’ll keep it set to the weather station across the street for now but eventually hope to go back to the Plus option.

Looks like there is a defect on the weather service provider end, I’ll let you know what they find.

I was able to confirm that nearby airport KOJC reported 1.54" of precip as well on the 17th. I then compared the 18th, and the precip/summary is matching close to both the airport & the KKSOVERL97 station you mentioned at 0.46"

I am going to share this with our API team for a more in-depth review. I will provide more information once they have reviews, though please note that today is a company holiday so it may be Monday before I have additional information.


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