Weather data 2 days late

On my Rachio 3 the weather data only shows for everything two days prior. Yesterday, today and future dates show the high and low temperature as ??, so I don’t know how to fix it? I have weather set to Weather Intelligence Plus. Also there is no map; it only shows a dot that when you highlight is my address.

Is this in the Android app, the iOS app, or the wb? Can you provide a screenshot that shows the problem?

Based on your description and the other post you made I wonder if the location entered for the controller is not correct. Can you also provide a screenshot that shows the location setting for the controller?

This is an iPhone 8 Plus. My wife has Android and hers shows all zeros for the weather data and doesn’t update two days late like mine does. The location is set as East Lansing Michigan.

Have you verified that the zip code in the location setting for the controller is actually set to the zip code for East Lansing?

And can you provide a screenshot that shows the weather intelligence setting - it should look like this

Based on the screenshots you provided for the other post, if the zip code for the location is correct then my only suggestion if this was an Android phone would be to clear the cache and restart the phone. If that didn’t solve the problem then delete the app and reinstall. And if that didn’t solve the problem then contact Rachio Support. Sorry, I don’t know anything about iPhones. Perhaps someone else here will comment.

I just reentered my address and now everything appears to be working. I have weather data and I have a map of my yard. Now I will need to test if the sprinkler comes on at the correct time.