Weather and schedule skipping due to forecast

Franz my weather station is reporting rain :cloud_with_rain: for tomorrow butt it looks like Rachio wants to run the schedule. Yesterday I got a notification stating that today scheduled was going to be skip and we had no rain today. So I had to manually run the schedule within the app.


I verified that the forecast was calling for about .16 inches of rain and your precip threshold is set to .125 inches. I would increase your precip threshold if you’d like to err more on the caution side. Maybe go to .25 inches to start.


You also might want to pick a station a little closer to your house if you find one that is reliable. The current station is 5 miles from your house. You can test by enabling PWS.

Screenshot from 2018-05-26 16-21-39

Also, here is a little bit of how the sausage is made :wink: , this is the data for your 12 hour skip notification. Note that precip values are in mm and not inches.

“_source”: {
“skipId”: “9c7cce60-d0fa-4515-8f85-3434d8b8379c”,
“timestamp”: “2018-05-25T21:03:59.785Z”,
“startTime”: “2018-05-26T08:48:36Z”,
“scheduleCountdown”: “TWELVE”,
“currentValue”: 7.826500000000001,
“threshold”: 3.2,
“observed”: 0,
“predicted”: 7.826500000000001,
“weatherStationId”: “KFRG”,
“icon”: “SCHEDULE”,
“convertToImperial”: false,
“observedAndPredicted”: 7.83,
“timeZone”: “America/New_York”,
“description”: “My Fixed Schelude will be skipped. 7.83 mm predicted rain over 48 hours.”,
“scheduleName”: “My Fixed Schelude”,
“deviceName”: "anthony ",
“monthDayForSummary”: “5/26”,
“pushTitle”: “Rain Skip for anthony on 5/26”

Ok :+1: thanks :pray: franz I’ll adjust the threshold to .25 I have been using using this weather station since 2014 because it’s the closer airport to my house :house: I just don’t know how reliable this others station closer to my house are.

4 years, well keep using it then :wink:


Yes sir I think am going to keep using this one I think is pretty reliable until I get my Rachio 3 and the flow meter

And maybe I’ll consider getting my own personal weather station or use weather underground. Thanks brotha.

I bet with WU you can get a reliable station < 1 mile away.


How can I use WU within the Rachio app ?? Do I have to create an account with them first ??


See the post below by @Gene. One can take any WU weather station and port that information to the system that Rachio uses for Gen 1/2 (Aeris). In Gen 3 or Costco versions of Gen 2 they use WU, so just turn on WI+.

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Hi DLane . Do I have to create a WU first and then email that information to the link that you send me??

@Anthony Just a heads-up R3 provides native support for Weather Underground.

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@Anthony - like @franz said it is built into the Gen 3 devices. I you have a Gen 1/2 device then just pick a weather station you like. But be warned, they can take it down at any time and you may not know it.


Hi Anthony,

While you are on Gen 2 / waiting for Gen 3, you can email me the Weather Underground station ID to and I’ll be happy to help you out. As soon as you install your Gen 3, you will be able to switch to using the data from your station directly.

There are many PWS(s) which support Weather Underground, but meanwhile you can check if there is an existing station already in your area.

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Cool :sunglasses: I’ll be placing my order for the bundle soon as I have some time. I feel Iike am about to start a Rachio collection I still have my first Gen in the box :package: that I bought at the Apple store when it came out and soon my Gen 2 will be in the box. They both are like out of box

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Ok great Gene am going to create an ID with WU and I’ll send that over to you as soon as I have thanks :pray:

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Just to clarify any possible confusion. You do not personally need a wunderground ID yourself to use the system, but when you buy a PWS which supports weather underground, an ID would be generated for you when you register your PWS with Wunderground. Basically we don’t need your username, just the name / id of the weather station you are interested in using.

Ok Gene I just created an account WU. Where do I found the name / Id of the station if I scroll down to the nearest weather station there’s like 20 of them closer to my

Gene I just send you the station I’d to link

Franz my PWS just show up in my Rachio app I’ll use this one and see how reliable it is I think this is the closer one to my house :house: I was trying to find one much closer than this one thanks for everything franz I’ll just keep my eyes on this one and see