Weather and rain

Last night was the first night we had rain since I installed unit. We had big thunderstorm and heavy rains. However, the Rachio unit merely watered the lawn this morning seeming oblivious to the rain. I did set it to advanced where the weather station is about a mile from me. Is there something I’m missing to set up the feature? Now it makes me wonder if it has any weather data like temperature and humidity to adjust schedules. Is there a way to verify that it is getting data and to figure out why it didn’t know about the rain?


Thanks for letting us know. Sorry about this. It may be that the weather station that you are pulling from is reporting incorrect precipitation data.

Would you be willing to email us at with your username and we can review more in depth? We will get to the root of this.


I believe I may have a similar situation. I have emailed support as well.

Support is still researching my case, but I did find somewhere in this material a caution against using a personal weather station. I had checked the box for using nearby personal weather station (under the advanced section in smartphone app, under IRO settings). After the rain I looked up that station over the internet and see that it reported no rain. So the caution was unless you know the personal weather station is reliable you might not want to turn that on. However, I’m still puzzled as to what weather station is used and how far away it is. I’m guessing this is a hard one to manage without a truly on site weather station. In our area we have storms blow through that will rain heavily in one square mile and all around be totally dry. So I can see how it can be managed in general, but the accuracy almost has to be spotty unless you have an on site weather station. At least that is my theory right now.

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Thanks for reaching out guys. Steve, we have received your support ticket and are reviewing more in depth. We will get back to you soon.

Dale you and I have been in communication. I responded to your support ticket this morning so feel free to get back to me with your thoughts when you get a chance.

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i was having similar issues, i recommend putting a rain sensor on the device. this will account for a slew of internet problems that could cause weather data errors and thus watering.

Hi @garmanmd, good evening. I just wanted to add a quick comment to your comment :blush:

In our v2.0 release, we’ll be adding the ability to set preferred weather stations. I think this will eliminate some of the current confusion with the current weather reporting.

In the mean time, you always see the location of the assigned weather station on your account by using our web app – simply click on “settings” on the left hand upper corner drop down, and a google map will pop up with the station marked.

Hope this helps.

Best, Emil