Weather Adjust


I am replacing a Pro-C controller that had a rain sensor with the Rachio. We have fixed watering days in the area so I am limited to what options I can use.
The pro-c monitored the average temperature of a block of days and would adjust the system watering time up or down if needed. This was done as a percentage and if the weather was warmer than normal it would water 110 Percent, if we had an unusal cool week the adjustment was down to 80 percent. I was also able to adjust the percentage if I felt it was too dry, the system would slowly over a week adjust back. This was a simple adjustment I could make at the controller to change all the cycle times if needed.
This was a nice option as I find myself adjusting the cycle times often. It was an unusual few weeks of dry hot weather and I didn’t keep up with it, the lawn is suffering.
Otherwise I am very pleased with the system.