We’re a little obsessed with your yard



If you think we just sit around and think about your sprinklers all day - you’re right.

It may be February (and only 35º here in Denver) but we never stop thinking about your yard, no matter the time or season. Get an inside look into how we help you water smarter (and how we have fun doing it).

:game_die: P.S. Up for a little game of Hide and Seek? :game_die:
First person to spot Emil and Franz in this video wins a little prize. Post the time they each appear as a comment to this thread. :slight_smile: Bonus prize for anyone who spots Chris!


@laura.bauman - I think I found them, but I’ll let someone else claim the big prize!


Emil @ :16 and Franz @ :30? Chris @:25? ???


@Bgman CLOSE! You got one right :slight_smile: Still deciding if I should tell you which one is right though :wink:


I think I know which one I got right. The other two were complete guesses. I would wait to give others the chance.

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@Bgman - I concur with one of your answers!


Not sure on those guys but I see Piper sitting in the back at 16-17 seconds! Hey!!!


Franz at 30 seconds; Emil at 32 seconds; Chris at 45-46 seconds?


If that’s not Chris at 45 seconds then he’s definitely the “Arm” at 20 seconds




@araposo you are correct! @franz is at :30 by the dry erase board, @emil is at :32 on the poster, and @chris is the arm at :20!

I’ll shoot you a message to get more information on where to send your :gift:



@araposo For finding the arm!



I really thought I was going to stump everyone on that :roll_eyes: yall are too good.


Haha, I’m a software tester by trade…I’m supposed to keep a close eye on details!