We move into a new home

We moved into a new home and it has the Rachio 3 Smart installed and I downloaded the Ap and tried to log in and get everything setup. but the old owners of the house already had it registered under them.
I would like to keep all of the config in the unit so I don’t have to redo everything but I would like to login using the AP.

Can you anyone help me?
Thank you

I had the same issue. I did a factory reset on the controller and it worked for me.

If you got an error message that the controller is already in use (and you want to preserve the configuration), ask the old owner to transfer ownership to you; see

If he won’t cooperate (and won’t give you his login and password so you can do it yourself), the above link will also tell you how to request Rachio to release the device to you.

Yeah, it’s quite easy if you go ahead and do a factory reset. My only issue was enabling some Allen Bradley devices that I had for my lights with it. Any suggestions?

The previous owners were cooperative and did their best, but I’m not sure if it’s Rechio that is malfunctioning or the actual panelview that I own. I was thinking that it might be useful to give it to a panelview repair Allen Bradley shop and see what they can understand themselves. As far as I’m concerned about the rest of the devices that I have, they worked just fine with Rechio.

Rachio help tab answers most of the question about their product especially the common ones: You can use Shared Access to transfer ownership!
Go to Shared Access. In the Rachio app, select the “More” tab and then select “Shared Access”; choose “Share Access” and then select “Transfer Ownership” from the list of three Shared Access types.

I just moved into a house and inherited a Rachio 2 installation from the previous owner. Having never heard of Rachio before I had no idea what to expect, but the transfer process was very easy and fast. I didn’t have to deal with the previous owner at all. The only thing I did was answering “transfer zone configuration” while setting up Rachio for myself.