"We had a problem looking up your serial number" new rachio 3 :(

Good morning,

Rather frustrated already with Rachio and I’ve owned it an hour. I purchased a gen 3 rachio and had it overnighted so that it could be here this morning for my irrigation installer. (Long story on a pool installation and fried an electric line that included the GFCI that my sprinkler was tied to).

I am setting up the app, and upon entering my serial number it keeps telling me that “We had a problem looking up your serial number. Please confirm your entry and try again. If the issue persists, contaact support using the help icon above”. Thats great, except I am eastern time and nobody is available for a few hours. I had to send my irrigation installer home :frowning: Great way to spend $75/hour.

Ive tried verification on wifi and off wifi. Now what?

Hey @megjbannister ! I’m so sorry for the frustration here. It looks like you and Skylar are working things out in a support ticket. I’ll keep an eye on that to make sure you get everything squared away ASAP, but feel free to let me know here if you need anything else :slight_smile:

Happy Monday!

The good news is that you really don’t need to have an installer present. If they have it all wired up and ready to go (which it sounds like they do), the rest is up to you and super easy!

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Not really, some locales require new sprinkler installations to be done by a certified installer for the permit to be approved.Need to verify output at every sprinkler head, etc. And since theres no way to run the rachio without the app, no way to do it without it working I’m afraid. Got to waste almost $200 today. :frowning:

Not arguing, but I haven’t ever heard of the needs you are stating. I could see a certified installer for the backflow and/or electrical that needs to be run, but that’s about it.

And while yes, you cannot use Rachio to fire a zone, if all you need to do is confirm that all the heads are working, that can be done by manually cycling the valves…

Then don’t move to a gated community in Florida :slight_smile: If we dont get it up and running I’m just going to return the device and go back to the one that came with the house. :+1: Thanks for your input and kind words about the device. I just haven’t had the privilege to have that kind of experience yet.

I don’t like humidity, so that probably won’t happen! :rofl:

I’m sorry you’ve had that experience thus far, bu I know Rachio will get you squared away…if you need to get your system up and running on the old clock, then Rachio is a quick changeover of the wiring and easily done in less than an hour.

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I’m happy to report that after about 12 hours of futzing with it, my rachio 3 is finally watering the lawn.
The error was something that had to go to developers, and once that was taken care of, my next issue was a power issue since the installer insisted on a GFCI that didn’t come with the package, luckily we have a few since we had to swap a bunch of outlets at this house. The last issue is that while it would connect to the internet, it would not stay connected and consistently time out in the app. I addressed this by making a network just for the rachio 3 and keeping it on one channel and so far it has worked to keep it connected.

I am impressed that rachio kept in contact with me and even followed up with developers on my behalf. While it was a long process when you have installers and permit people hanging around and calling you, from a development standpoint it was beyond impressive. I included the info above if someone has a similar issue and would search and see my solution.

Thank you all.


@megjbannister Sorry to hear about all the issues you had today. I hope you understand this is not typical of our onboarding experience. If you have any other questions or feedback after using the controller please let us know. Welcome to the community and thanks for your patience.


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With all the intelligence that rachio has, at the end of the day it is simply connecting two wires together - so the installer saying they cannot proceed seems like an excuse. All the sprinkler heads can be tested by manually turning them from the ground box and you can just connect the two wires together to engage the electric valves. Got my system blown out for winter yesterday and the guy who came to do that didn’t even touch rachio.

That was my thought, but then again, I’ve never had to permit or have my irrigation systems inspected…so I guess I can’t comment here.