Way to see schedule by zone?

Maybe I’m just missing it or not seeing it, but using my Rachio V3 app or the website, I’d love to be able to look at a zone and see when it’s scheduled to run.

My garden’s on Zone 4, so I’d like to be able to see when it’s scheduled to run for the next week or so at a glance, without having to look through each day to see if it is scheduled to run. Is there a way to do this, or a way to submit proposed enhancements?

On the webapp you should be able to see the last run and next run on each individual zone.



Oh, I know. Basically what I was looking for was more of an expanded version of that- maybe a filter on the schedule page where you can filter by zone or something.

My main concern is that I’m running my garden in Flex Daily, and having gardened and used drip irrigation for a while now, I have a pretty good idea of how long and how often I need to water. So I was trying to dial in the settings to ensure that it’s watering at more or less the interval that I’d expect in the absence of rain or unusually high temperatures, figuring that if I got that right, it would then vary from there based on the conditions.

But it’s hard to tell that it’s going to kick off and water the garden every third day, unless you can see more than just the last and next run at a time.

This soil moisture chart will simulate the next two weeks of watering, have you viewed that?


Not to butt in, but my soil moisture chart only shows 1 week.

There should be a barely visible arrow on the right side of the chart, middle.


My wife has been telling me to get my eyes checked. One day I’ll listen. Thanks

The arrow needs to be bigger :wink:


Perfect! That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!