Waterskip function not working

I’m using flex daily and connected to a PWS a block from my house. I received 1.3 in of rain yesterday and verified it showed up on the calendar in the app but my schedule still watered this AM even though it’s set to a rain skip of 0.125". Is there any way to fix this?

UPDATE: Here’s a link to my weather station which records precipitation and this is logged in my app accurately https://www.wunderground.com/dashboard/pws/KSDRAPID203.

I was told by customer support to switch weather stations but I fail to see how this is a solution when I know the app is getting accurate data and still wasting water by not activating waterskip.

I am using a Flex Monthly schedule and Weather Intelligence (not a PWS) and at the start of each run there is a message about the Weather Intelligence - see an example below. Do you get these messages when using a Flex Daily schedule and if you do what do the messages report? Also have you confirmed that the PWS you use reports precipitation? I ask because some PWS do not.

Did you also verify in Moisture Levels in More Details? Does it show the rain amount? If not, check the PWS you are using. They sometimes quit recording precipitation for unknown reasons.

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@Linn thanks for that tip. I hadn’t thought about that way of checking a PWS

The precipitation amt is correct in soil moisture details. this is a link to the weatherstation I use https://www.wunderground.com/dashboard/pws/KSDRAPID203 it seems to be working fine ?

I have never seen a message like that.

I haven’t seen that message with flex daily schedules.

I must say I’m disappointed with customer service. Their recommended solution was to switch to another weatherstation. So I did- but have no way of knowing if this will fix the issue- they apparently are unable to diagnose the issue w/ the software logs. Kind of frustrating and makes me regret my purchase.

Update - after switching weather stations rain skip continues to fail. It then took customer service more than two weeks to respond to me. They then told me since I set an iftt to rain delay on the 31 of every month this is the reason it’s not working which doesn’t make sense to me. It feels to me like they’re just having me make changes hoping for a fix. Also there is an obvious language barrier - so with all that in mind I will be returning my unit for a refund as it is not functioning correctly and they are unable to fix it