WaterSense Label & Introduction

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Is this WaterSense certified by the EPA? If not, could you look into it? http://www.epa.gov/WaterSense/products/controltech.html

I just learned about this product and see that I can get an $85 rebate for installing a smart controller in my County. Having it certified would provide additional marketing benefits through labeling the product as such and having it included on rebate lists.

Introduction. Just wanted to say that I am considering the purchase. I am slowly advancing my home to be “smarter”. I can’t afford the systems which cost several thousand dollars and am looking to do so bit by bit. I live in SoCal where we are constrained by the drought and have very warm days with little rain. My wife and are are also beginning to be more conscientious about our environmental impact. I am excited about HomeKit from Apple and look forward to see what Rachio has planned there before making my purchase. See you all around the boards!

The city I live in has smart controller rebate program. Although the Rachio was not on the list, I completed and submitted the rebate form and received a check for 50% of my purchase price!

MWD, the largest water purveyor in the country will only be offering rebates for water sense labeled smart timers starting July 1. The is absolutely necessary if you want to penetrate the southern CA market.

Hi everyone,

We are working on our SWAT and WaterSense certifications now. We’ll keep you all posted.

Hey Chris, any update?

@staze From another thread on this issue, here was the latest from Chris.

"We will be submitting our controller for testing in the next two weeks. Hopefully we will have the certification by mid to late September. "

Thanks @smw006007‌

Fantastic! Thanks smw006007.

I wish the Rachio team lots of luck!

@staze‌ @smw006007‌ Stay tuned for some more great features that will really help ‘dial’ systems in. This isn’t an EPA requirement, but will benefit the whole community. Will announce 1.7 features sometime next week.

Hi Chris/Franz, any update on certifications? I checked the other thread referenced by smw006007. I am impressed with the amount of updates and improvements you continue to make. I look forward to owning one myself.

@staze‌ Submitting this week, still hoping for certification before the end of the year.

@franz thanks. Wish you all the best!

Hi Chris and Franz (and Rachio), Any update that you can share? My community rebate program requires SWAT certification, and I’m looking to install in January before the deadline. Thanks!


We just received our EPA WaterSense certification, marketing, etc. to come soon!

Does your community take EPA WaterSense (which I believe is a super set of SWAT)?


Done and done!

Big congratulations! In my area that means up to a $300 rebate (ie, free Iro).

@svento‌ w00t w00t :slight_smile:

Thanks for the response Franz and congratulations! I checked with my rebate program administrator, and she asked for a written confirmation of EPA WaterSense certification. Will you be posting something on your website soon or could you please provide something I can reference? Thanks!

@Jay‌ Following up and will have an answer soon.


This is all they should need:


If not, let us know and we will help out.