Watering window

I would like to suggest a watering window with the schedules. I’m currently using the daily flexible, but it might be useful for all schedules.

It’s possible to set odd/even and a start time, but not a window of time I which the watering needs to complete.

My city requires odd/even watering, with no watering between 10am and 4pm on your scheduled day.

Most residential flex schedules can start at a time early enough to accommodate this, but for those of us who like to know it is controlled, it would be nice to set it in the schedule with the Rachio stopping/ starting for the window or warning when it cannot complete with the start time that has been set.

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@Redcat13 - In V3 of the software Rachio has commented that they’re rewriting the calendaring/scheduling section to better handle all the watering restrictions that are out there. So, maybe some of these suggestions will be in there. I haven’t seen any update on when V3 would be in beta or released and I don’t expect any comment from Rachio until V3 hits the streets.

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I just posted about this here.

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