Watering Times Grouping, Water Budgeting

Got my Iro installed and working a couple weeks ago - so far, so good.

One suggestion for something I’d like to see, would be a way to group multiple watering times together into, for lack of a better term, a schedule. Then provide the ability to enable/disable watering on a per schedule (consisting of multiple watering times) basis.

This would provide the ability to create schedules for different times of the year - e.g. summer, winter, grass seeding, etc - without having to adjust/enable/disable multiple watering times.

Additionally, would be nice to get a FAQ up for the ‘Water Budgeting’ feature, similar to the one for ‘Weather Intelligence’ to get an idea on how it works.

@JeremyM‌ That’s a great idea. You can’t group yet, but you can disable and enable schedules. Might at least be a stop gap for the time being.

Ok, good point on the Water Budgeting FAQ. We’ll get it going.

It’s a real bummer that you can’t create prefixed watering plans / schedules. I’d like to have 3 different plans like most sprinkler controllers allow with different watering times for different stations - this would enable me to turn on a prefixed plan with a push of a button.

@aviadstark‌ You can create many watering times in which you group different zones together. And, you can name, disable, enable and more. I believe this gives you the same functionality you would have with other sprinkler controllers.

You just can’t group them quite yet.