Watering times for Albuquerque NM

Hello all,

I was hoping to get some feedback on the watering times the Iro established for my yard. The lawn seems spot on at 10 mins every other day. I have three valves that are drip irrigation and the times seemed excessive. As two of the circuits have trees that is the type of landscape I choose initially but it gave me over an hour and 45 minutes of water in time every other day. I switched it to xeriscape and still giving me 53 minutes every other day. That just seems excessive. The other plants on the circuit are relatively drought resistant. The other circuit is perennials and it wants to water an hour and 34 minutes every other day as well. The soil I have is sandy loom. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated thanks.

Hi @godsten, thanks for reaching out. The Iro builds watering schedules based on the zone attributes selected. Without going into the math used to build these equations, the vegetation type and nozzle selection are biggest variables in determining the water needed and how long to run the system. Every lawn is different and our default values might need to be overridden to fine tune the Iro to your lawn’s needs. Drip zones in particular can be VERY hard to build watering schedules for as the nozzle output can range from less than 1 GPH to over 30 GPH. If you could email us at support@rachio.com with details of each zone in questions (plant type, nozzle make/model, nozzle spacing, etc) our support team would be happy to help you research your system’s infrastructure and landscape watering requirements to fine tune the Iro’s scheduling algorithms.

Hope this helps!