Watering time discrepancy

I have one section of lawn, a 40’ x 30’ rectangle, covered by 2 zones. Each zone has 4 rotors along the perimeter of the 40’. Each zone was set up with identical characteristics as to size, soil, slope, etc. Until recently each side watered the same amount of time. Now one side runs far longer than the other. The upcoming water event shows one zone will run for 4 minutes and the other zone 45 minutes.

Does anyone have an idea as to why this happened and what I can do to correct the problem.

I presume ALL of the parameters for those two zones are identical. I also presume the schedule is flex daily. Are those correct?

Did you really mean 4 and 45 minutes? If so, that is a HUGE difference!!!

What do the soil moisture percent and soil moisture graph look like?

Thanks for your reply. This is a fixed schedule as we have strict water conservation rules here in Central Florida. Watering is permitted twice each week. Yes, all of the parameters in the advanced tab are set to match both zones. Yes, one zone is scheduled to run for 45 minutes and the other zone 4 minutes. This wild variation is a recent development.

At the moment I don’t have to worry too much as our community has exhausted it’s supply of reclaimed water so no one is watering anything at the moment.

Where would I look in the iOS app to find the soil moisture graph. The moisture depletion is set to 50% in both zones.

I only used the flex schedule. I could be wrong, but it seems like the soil moisture graph is only available during flex. I was thinking a fixed schedule does not adjust the time. I could be wrong though.