Watering status in iOS


Despite comments in successive iOS app updates, the “last watering time” still seems to be stuck until I manually refresh. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app without any effect.

It’s just a cosmetic thing, but it seems like you’re trying to fix it (unless I misinterpreted the comments) and I can confirm that it’s still not working :).



Thanks for the heads up. Which card are you referring to: the Device Status card at the top of the main screen or the Yard Card which shows the status for each zone?


The statement at the top to the right of the icon and under “Online”. For what it’s worth, it just updated when I launched it to check, so perhaps it’s just spotty. I can say that it’s not accurate most of the time unless I manually refresh it.


Thanks for the clarification. We are looking into it.


This is still happening with the latest app version. Yesterday my system was actively watering, but the Rachio app said that it had last watered on Sunday. I pulled down to refresh the app and it updated the status to “Watering”. Sometimes it’s up to date, but most of the time the status is stale for me.

This is on a new phone with a fresh app installation, so I don’t think it’s anything in my configuration.



Thanks for this, our iOS team will take another look and try to determine root cause.



Chiming in here as well. I am experiencing the same problem on my iOS device as well. I launched it and had to manually refresh the screen to update to online from Watering that happened yesterday.


Ok thanks, we’ll get to the bottom of this.



We found the defect and will be testing and submitting a patch.

Thanks for the heads-up.



Great! Appreciate the followup.


2.2.2 was just released to the Apple store, this should fix your issues.