Watering stakes for trees

Does anyone else use watering stakes for their trees? I really like the concept, as it allows drip emitters to water directly down to the root zone rather than depending on the slow absorption from the surface, especially when planted on a slope or in hard clay soil like we have in southern Idaho. If you’re not familiar with this kind of product, you can see an example at the link below sold at Lowes. They have 8", 14", 24", and 36" versions. I use 2-3 of these on each of my trees. I am adjusting the efficiency of my tree zone in the advanced settings to reflect the more direct root watering, but I wonder how else one might adjust their settings when using these products. Each stake has a 4 gallon/hr emitter. Any tips would be helpful for maximizing the intelligence of my Rachio. I just installed it yesterday and am very much a rookie. Thanks!