Watering skipped

My first gen rachio started skipping watering despite 80-90 deg weather outside and no rain whatsoever. It worked fine for about a year and I made no changes to it. This started happening about a month ago. I only have one watering schedule (fixed interval, smart cycle and weather intelligence all on) and I tried other weather stations (both personal and non ). What happened ? Did Rachio push a software upgrade ? I really enjoyed the product until about a month ago when it stopped working. I use the ios app.

did you update software on gen 1 rachio about a month ago ? Any way to roll it back ?

Hi @tjhankie,

There have been no updates that would’ve have stopped your Gen 1 from watering. After reviewing your account, your controller seems to be reporting watering every 3 days as expected. If your irrigation system is not actually watering there is likely an issue with the setup that needs to be investigated more in-depth.

If you call into our Support Line at 1-844-4-RACHIO one of our techs can help you troubleshoot.