Watering Scheduled, didn't run, no history, no notifications


I just enabled for the first time this year on Wednesday, The Flex Daily schedule I set up last fall was supposed to run early this morning, thursday @ 0330 (for 8 hours!! insane!, explain this?), but didn’t. There were no notifications sent out indicating that the schedule had been skipped or there were any issues. there is nothing in the history.

How can I figure out what is happening?





I had the engineering team review and your rain sensor is tripped which is stopping any scheduled schedules from watering.

Here is an article on troubleshooting rain sensors.



Where can I see that in the app? Also, the FAQ link doesn’t work.


Hey there @holzapfel!

Looks like our support site is down! Looking into this ASAP! Thanks for the heads up.

-Lo :rachio:


Back up and working, @holzapfel. Care to try that link again?

-Lo :rachio:


Link worked, but I don’t see or understand why I don’t see that in my history? i see nothing anywhere that indicates it was skipped because of the rain sensor. there is nothing. What am I missing?



This can be viewed in your history. I’m pushing the product team to expose the rain sensor state on the dashboard for easier viewing.



Oh wow, all the way back to the 5th. Something must be wrong then. I can just disable the rain sensor right? Rachio really doesn’t need a rain sensor correct?


This is where you can disable the sensor. They are not necessary but helpful if it starts to rain during a schedule. I view them as a backup. You can try cleaning it and see if that deactivates the rain sensor.



Thanks for your support!


@Franz - How about adding a new alert if the rain sensor has be active for say a week solid or if the rain sensor is still active X (3??) days after the last rainfall reported by the selected weather station. As a backup to the backup process?


That’s a lot of work :wink:

If we expose this on the dashboard I really think it will help with these issues.

A push notification is also sent when the rain sensor is tripped. Between those two things hopefully enough to help users diagnose the issue.



Please, please, please!!! This would be SO helpful!!! I’ve had times that due to power outages (which somehow we seem to get a lot in my area), I end up not knowing what state the rain sensor is in. And sometimes, I get two Rain Sensor Activated messages with no Deactivated in between. So knowing the status on the dashboard would be good. And you can tell the product team that it probably would save a lot of customer support calls.