Watering schedule start date

I am unable to set my watering schedule start date to anything earlier than May 14th. Why is this? I am using the iPhone app.

Hi @barela14,

Thanks for reaching out. Could you connect with us on support (@ support@rachio.com) with your Rachio username and we’d be happy to take a look. You should be able to set your start date to anything you want it to be :smile:

Best, Emil

Crap I am an idiot. I wasn’t setting the year correctly. I was trying to use 2014 not 2015. Thanks for the help though

@barela14, no worries! Simple mistake. Although that makes more since now that I know it was a year issue :wink:

@barela14 Believe me, we much prefer these simple mistakes :smile:, I’m sure @emil agrees.