Watering Schedule 'Next scheduled time' error

I have two different schedules, with all my zones on Fixed Daily schedules. I have one for my shrubs and trees, and another for my lawn, three zones each. They are both set for three days each week (we have watering restrictions), and the trees and shrubs are set for the morning, and the lawn is set for the evening (our water restrictions do not allow any watering between the hours of 9a - 6p). If I end up with a day where all 6 zones water, and I try to have them water in the morning, with smart cycle, the total run time can run into the daylight hours, which I try to avoid. Also, I like to have the lawn watered in the evening, after my gardeners cut the grass.
So this morning, my shrubs and trees schedule watered one of its zones. Now, the app shows the next scheduled watering as June 7 (my next allowable day), yet if history is any indication, my lawn zones will run as they were previously shown, tonight.
So the Readers Digest version:
Once one flex schedule runs on a day, any other flex schedules won’t show as running that day, even if they do eventually run.

My lawn schedule watered last night, yet the app showed all day that the next scheduled watering was Wednesday at 12:34am, the next time my trees and shrubs are watering.

Hey @chrisandeden-

When you say you app showed next schedule watering, what are you referring to? Do you mind providing a screenshot of this part of the app?

McKynzee :rachio: